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Choosing the right drone for your farm 

Choosing the right drone for your business can be a daunting task. Fly The Farm has become one of the industry’s most trusted and valued partners to Agras businesses around the country, because of the team’s knowledge of the DJI technology, the crop/subject being treated and the treatment required. Like anything, you should always do your research to ensure you’re investing in the right drone with the right capability to service your farm. 

As a valued and certified partner of DJI, we are proud to supply our customers with the full range of Agras products. All DJI Agras drones are fully equipped with high-precision spraying systems. These automated platforms are highly efficient solutions, enabling farmers to cover more ground in less time than a standard ground rig. 

DJI Agras T50

DJI Agras T25

DJI Agras T30

DJI M350

DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise


What is the drone application?

What is the application? 

Firstly you need to identify what it is that you will be using your Agras drone for. Will you be applying liquid chemical spray or seed/grain?

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Drone Size

The size of the drone 

There are so many options available i.e. 6 rotors, 8 rotors etc. Contact based products such as fungicides and insecticides need a heavy application...

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The location/terrain 

Is the terrain steep, rocky, contain cattle etc? Identifying the terrain and access you are working with is very important as this can significantly increase the time you...

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What is your drone budget?

What is the budget? 

DJI T30 and T40 models range from between 30k to 50-60K which is a substantial investment for most businesses. Whilst drones can drastically...

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Drone Training


Do you need training and licensing? Are you confident to operate a large ag drone on your farm? Getting the best training can mean less accidents and support... 

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Drone Insurance


Like any investment for your business, you need to ensure your asset it insured should any accidents occur. We recommend our partners at AGILE...

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The Fly The Farm team are available to chat whenever you are about how drone technology might work for you. 

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Fly the Farm

Fly the Farm was founded in 2016 and is renowned for having introduced the very first DJI Agras machine in Australia. Since then we have paved the way farmers and agronomists by providing new innovative solutions to help modernise the way they manage their businesses using drone technology. Our passion for Australian Agriculture and drone tech has lead Fly The Farm to become one of the most trusted drone partners in the country.

Moving in to 2024, Fly the Farm has introduced a new management team and a plethora of new skills, services and expertise to deliver new innovations in an ever-evolving industry.

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Online store / spare parts

Fly The Farm are proud partners of DJI and stock a huge range of spare parts for T30 and T40 drones at competitive prices. Propellers, pumps, power boards, spray nozzles and more, ready to ship or collect.

We also offer competitive rates on all DJI aircraft such as the T25, T30, T40 and T50 Agras models. Unlike many retailers, all of our customers receive up to 3 months' phone and email support* from our expert team. So, any issues with mapping, hardware, electrics etc. our team are just a call or email away to assist you with trouble shooting to identify the issue and find a solution, fast.

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