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The DJI Agras range is available in various different sizes and offers different capacities whether it be used for spraying or spreading. These machines enable targeted, even distribution, strong penetration, prevent drift and avoid over-fertilisation and prevent leakage.

DJI Agras drones are large, rugged industrial machines and feature obstacle avoidance capabilities as with other enterprise DJI Drones.
With so much noise in the Agras space, here we explore the things to keep in mind when you are considering investing in drone technology for your farm:

1) What is the application? 
Firstly you need to identify what it is that you will be using your Agras drone for. Will you be applying liquid chemical spray or seed/grain?

2) The size of the drone. 
There are many options available i.e. 6 rotors, 8 rotors etc. Contact based products such as fungicides and insecticides need a heavy application rate therefore they require more volume so a larger aircraft and tank.

3) The location and terrain of the site?
Is the terrain steep, rocky, contain cattle etc? Identifying the terrain and access you are working with is very important as this can significantly increase the time you will need to spend spraying.

4) What is the budget?
DJI T30 and T40 models range from 30k to 50-60K which is a substantial investment for most businesses. Whilst drones can drastically reduce the amount of time it would take for a ground rig to perform spray work, you still need to consider your ROI. Drones do save a substantial amount of time and labour. Often there are places a drone can reach on a property that a ground rig can’t, therefore achieving better efficacy. Drones give you the ability to spot spray and can save you money on the amount of chemical you need to use. So although your initial investment in drone technology is significant, you will likely save a lot of money down the track and achieve a positive return on your investment.

5) Training & Licensing
We know that buying a drone for your business is a big investment. A good portion of the insurance claims we see are a result of pilot error, so before considering whether an Agras drone would work for you, it is recommended that you also invest in the proper training to operate it. Not having the sufficient level of training to operate your DJI Agras drone may mean you will end up spending big dollars on replacement parts, repairs and support down the track. Fly The Farm offer on site training packages, setups and ongoing support.

6) Insurance
With such substantial investment, we recommend our clients consider purchasing drone insurance, especially if they are planning to operate as a commercial spray business. It’s also a good idea for growers and operators planning to use them for pesticide applications on their own properties. Fly the Farm can offer insurance via our trusted partner AGILE Insurance brokers. Click here for more information or to obtain a quote.

To find out more about this amazing techonology and how it might help you, visit our Contact us page and drop us a line.

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