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Drone Advice

Thumbnail for Comparing the DJI T30 and T40 models

Comparing the DJI T30 and T40 models

The DJI Agras T30 and T40 drones are both incredibly well-designed aircraft for crop spraying and other agricultural tasks. I speak with many farmers who are unsure which model is best for their farm or business and try to explain the pros and cons for both. Before I give you my honest review of both models, let us go through the key differences between the two models:


Spraying Capacity: The T30 and T40 models have different spraying capacities. The T40 has a whopping 70 litre tank compared to the T30 which holds 30 Litres. Obviously this means the T40 can cover more area without the need to refill the tank as often, potentially increasing efficiency and reducing the number of batch breaks.


Coverage and Efficiency: With the larger tank capacity, the T40 is able to cover a larger area in a single flight, resulting in increased efficiency, especially for large-scale agricultural operations.


Range and Flight Time: The T40 has a better range and flight time compared to the T30, allowing it to cover larger areas or operate for longer durations without needing to return for recharging/refilling.


Spraying Technology: While both models employ advanced spraying technology, there are a few differences in the specifics of how they deliver pesticides or other agricultural inputs. The T40 features improvements in spraying precision, droplet size control, or other aspects of spraying technology compared to the T30.


Other Features and Upgrades: The T40 includes other features or upgrades not present in the T30 model, such as improved obstacle avoidance, better weather resistance, or enhanced software capabilities for autonomous flight and mission planning.


These are all important points to consider when choosing between the a T30 and T40 model.

As of March 2024 the, T40 is no longer available in Australia. We do have a limited number of T30 models due to arrive mid-May so reach out to register now to secure yours.


Posted in Drone Advice at 05 March 24


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