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Welcome to everyone visiting us from the Weekly Times virtual Australian field day event VirtuAg! What a great concept! I am really looking forward to being part of this event. It's great to see innovation continuing to drive us forward in agriculture particularly in these unusual times.

Fly the Farm is Australia’s leading agricultural focussed drone provider. My agricultural background, combined with access to the leading drone, software and imaging brands, means that I can tailor a package to suit your needs. I take the time to listen to what you hope to achieve with drones in your business and help guide you through the process of selecting the right drone, software and imaging devices to ensure you get the outcome you are looking for.

Drone spraying is a particular focus area of mine and am proud to offer the DJI Agras T16, which has captured the attention of both farmers and drone service providers alike. I have taken the time to understand the regulatory requirements surrounding the use of drones for spraying and can guide you to the correct resources and regulations for your state regulatory body.


DJI Agras T16

DJI Agras T16


Stay tuned over coming days for more information on new product releases. Don't forget, you can also visit the Facebook page for stories about drone use in and around ag and sometimes beyond.