Obtain your RePL with us and get these free inclusions: training drone, OzRunways subscription, DroneLogBook Subscription & associate membership to Australian Certified UAV Operators Association!

We are able to provide training on the Darling Downs through our trusted training provider UAS Pacific. Why have I chosen to partner with UAS Pacific? Given our exposure to the aerial spraying industry and the enormous concern they hold for their pilots who fly in the same low level airspace as many drone operators, it was imperative for me to work with an organisation that hold airspace safety to the highest level. 

UAS Pacific offers CASA accredited courses and QBE insurance approval to our clients. They have taught remote pilots how to fly safely and have been doing so for nearly 10 years. With 30+ years experience in the airline industry they understand the importance of safety, reliable service and mitigating risk to ensure all work is correct the first time, every time. Their team is fully qualified, highly trained and regularly assessed to stay current and train effectively.

They began UAV works back in 2003 for the Port of Brisbane authority. UAS Pacific was established in January 2009 to focus on growing RPAS works, becoming a leader in professional RPAS/Drone services. Some of their customers include CASA and the training of their RPAS staff, Queensland government departments including the Department of Agriculture (DAF), Television, Councils, Department of Defence, Universities, major land developers and many others.

UAS Pacific will assist with RPAS policy and procedure manuals for our clients and can also complete training courses on-site, dependent on numbers.