"Sunbirds was born in 2015 with the audacious desire to push the boundaries of how we can fly and what we can see from the sky. We have the inner conviction that performance can be achieved while ensuring sustainability. Our goal is to refine state-of-the-art while establishing new standards to shape the UAVs' future."


Choosing renewable energy over fossil fuels for higher performances and game changing innovations.

"We aim to push the limits of the impossible by designing products surpassing the current performances while using clean technologies at the same time. As entrepreneurs we are hungry to explore the unknown and improve quality of life by embracing technological challenges and cultivate the resilience which is necessary for the birth of great ideas."


Writing the next page in the aviation history.

"Civil aviation is about to live a major revolution. Unmanned vehicles are flying by themselves, they take decisions and collect a huge amount of data to drive decision-making. We are the pioneers who want to offer the possibility to map huge territories without limit of energy. Exploring in a sustainable way is the ultimate goal we want to achieve by designing the first commercial solar-powered planes."


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