SlantRange 4P+

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Looking for a multispectral camera to capture NDVI data for your farm or business? You have come to the home of agricultural drones in Australia. Here at Fly the Farm we are dedicated to understanding the needs of farmers, agronomists, advisors and service providers when it comes to bringing drones into agriculture.

Meet the SlantRange 4P+   - High Resolution Multispectral Sensor - Built For Agriculture Professionals

Powerful New Crop Measurement Systems

The 4P Series multispectral sensors have 6 high resolution bands and all-new modular capability to support precision crop measurements.

  • 6 high resolution bands (RGB, Red, Red Edge, NIR)
  • 4P+ has 2X the resolution of the 4P
  • Now available with Precision Navigation Module
  • Powerful onboard processing using Smart Compression™ technology
  • Flexibility to work with most small UAVs with DJI SKYPORT integration available
  • Immediate, on-site analytics with no network connection required
  • Exportable data to be consumed wherever, whenever, and however you’d like


Data that Matters

The 4P Series ultra-high resolution imaging delivers the most advanced data products available in aerial agronomy, data that only human scouts have been able to produce until now.
Some unique use cases include:

  • Counting and sizing individual plants for improved yield forecasting
  • Detecting weed growth for more precise herbicide applications
  • Measuring plant health conditions for more efficient nutrient use
  • Enabling users to train the 4P Series to find features and signatures of interest to their own operations with proprietary SmartDetection™ algorithms


Data You Can Trust

You have to be able to trust your data. Changing sunlight conditions, variable soil types, and canopy density are all well-known error sources for other aerial measurement systems, from satellites to manned aircraft to low altitude drones. Only the SlantRange sensor family includes the patented and essential technology to eliminate these error sources before they enter your dataset - so you can trust your results for important decisions.