MicaSense Dual Camera System

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MicaSense RedEdge MX Dual Camera Imaging System 
The RedEdge-MX Dual Camera Imaging System is a synchronized 10 band solution for advanced remote sensing and agricultural research. This solution seamlessly integrates two five band cameras, the RedEdge-MX and the new RedEdge-MX Blue, capturing 10 band imagery in one flight. Compatible with DJI drones and industry standard software platforms (Pix4D, Agisoft) this 10 band solution ensures that flying with two cameras is just as easy as flying with one.

Key Features

  • Synchronized capture of all 10 bands for pixel aligned imagery
  • Standard 12 bit TIFF file outputs with embedded metadata for full access to raw data  
  • Combined Downwelling Light Sensor and GPS for streamlined integration, accurate ambient light calibration. Only one DLS required. 
  • Radiometrically calibrated spectral imagers for precise, repeatable measurements.
  • Global shutters on all 10 lenses for distortion-free results on every platform.
  • Comes standard with fixed bracket and quick-mount connector for easy integration with DJI drones.

Key Specifications

  • Weight 508.8 grams (2 Sensors + Mount + DLS 2 and cable) 
  • Power 8.0/16.0W (nominal, peak)
  • Center Wavelengths Blue 475(32), coastal blue 444(28)*, green 560(27), green 531(14)*, red 
  • 668(14), red 650(16)*, red 705(10)*, red edge 717(12), red edge
  • 740(18)*, NIR 842(57)
  • Storage SD card (2)
  • Radiometric Calibration All multispectral  sensors  are  radiometrically  calibrated
  • DLS 2 With  an  integrated  GPS,  DLS  2  is  our  most  accurate  light  sensor 
  • yet.  

Kit Contents (Dual Camera Imaging System)

  • RedEdge-MX sensor 
  • RedEdge-MX Blue sensor
  • Lens cover for both sensors
  • Calibrated Reflectance Panel 
  • DLS 2 light sensor with integrated GPS 
  • Cables 
  • Mounting screws
  • Mounting Plate with Quick Connector 
  • Hard carrying case 

Kit Contents (RedEdge-MX Blue Dual Camera Upgrade Package)

  • RedEdge-MX Blue sensor
  • Lens cover
  • Cables 
  • Mounting screws
  • Mounting Plate with Quick Connector 
  • Hard carrying case