Drone Launch/Landing Pad - 90cm

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Understanding the rules surrounding drone use is important to ensure the safety of all airspace users. Here at Fly the Farm, we are advocates for ensuring that drone users understand how to fly safely while still having fun. You can find out more via the CASA "Know your Drone" site. Don't forget to subscribe to their e-news to be kept up to date on changes that occur from time to time.


Don't waste your money buying those cheap landing pads that fly away with the slightest breeze or ones that you have to peg down. Hoodman Launch pads have a zinc coated cable around the perimeter to prevent fly aways and the pad easily folds and twists back into the storage bag for transport. Don't risk damaging the camera or motors of your drone when launching or landing in dusty or dry environments. 

The 90cm/3ft diameter Launch Pad allows for clean take offs and landing.

  • Easy setup - the pad springs into shape when released from carry bag;
  • Zinc coated perimeter cable weight keeps pad in place without requiring stakes or having to worry about it flying away;
  • Keeps your camera lens clean and prevents dirt from being drawn into motors and causing motor failure;
  • Constructed from rugged, bright orange polyester with black heliport markings and compass headings - easily found when returning to takeoff point;
  • Collapses quickly into 35cm carry bag with shoulder strap for easy storage and transport...simply fold and twist the large pad into 3 smaller circles and place in bag.
  • Launch Pad carry bag serves as a notice to pedestrians of a drone flying in the area by placing the empty bag handles over a tripod or other;
  • Weighs 2.5kgs.