DJI Agras T10 Spreading System 3.0

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The Agras T10 can switch to a spreading system in just three minutes. The spreading system has acapacity of 8kg and spreading width of up to 7 metersIt also supports real-time weight monitoring and has an anti-rotation sensor, allowing more accurate refill alerts. The T10's overall water-resistance rating of IP67 makes it washable and corrosion-resistant ideal for spraying of fertilisers and seed. When used with digital agriculture solutions, the Agras T10 implements variable spreading, reducing fertiliser use while increasing yield.

*Drone and accessories not included.

T-Series Distribution System 3.0 (10kg)

Weight of distribution system
  • 3.1kg
Maximum opening area
  • 44.6 cm²
Applicable materials
  • Dry solid particles with a diameter of 0.5 to 5 mm
Volume of distribution tank
  • 12L
Maximum internal load of distribution tank
  • 10kg
Protection class
  • IP67
Input voltage
  • Power: 60V
Maximum power
  • 60V@250W
Recommended operating ambient temperature
  • 0℃ to 40℃
  • 405×245×375mm
Maximum rotation speed
  • 1,300 RPM