2 Day Type Training Endorsement for Licenced Flyers

2 Day Type Training Endorsement for Licenced Flyers

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Understanding the rules surrounding drone use is important to ensure the safety of all airspace users. Here at Fly the Farm, we are advocates for ensuring that drone users understand how to fly safely while still having fun. You can find out more via the CASA "Know your Drone" site. Don't forget to subscribe to their e-news to be kept up to date on changes that occur from time to time.


I have spent two years looking for a training organisation who I can trust to bring high quality RePL & ReOC training to rural Australia. That company is UAS Pacific. Their syllabus is high quality, best practice training, provided by highly skilled instructors with vast experience in commercial operations (both manned and unmanned). They are one of just a handful of training organisations in Australia who are QBE certified, meaning that trainees are able to access insurance with QBE following training.

There are five options for the Endorsement Training:

  • 0-7kg multi-rotor
  • 7-25kg multi-rotor
  • 0-7kg helicopter
  • 7-25kg helicopter
  • 0-7kg fixed-wing

Training can occur in Brisbane or Toowoomba, or at your location or nearest town if we can get 4 or more people attending.

Toowoomba training occurs the 3rd week of every month if there are enough confirmed numbers attending. Please confirm with Meg prior to booking on 0492 979 491 in case of unscheduled changes.

Everything is included:

  • training aircraft and associated equipment,
  • flight simulators,
  • training manual with online support,
  • notepad and pen,
  • lunch and refreshments, soft drink, tea and coffee is provided
  • CASA processing and administration costs.

RePL bookings recommended 1 week prior to course commencement as there is self study required.

**all UAS/ drone pilots, who will wish to fly in controlled airspace and/or beyond visual line of sight require their aircraft radio operators certificate (AROC), including a pass in the english language proficiency (ELP) examinations. This also includes ground operations personnel like spotters who are using an aircraft radio.