Posted by Meg Kummerow on 1st Mar 2019

Important Notice to DroneDeploy Users

Important Notice for DroneDeploy Users

Has your DroneDeploy subscription expired, or have you ever have a trial version with data?

Many of you have at some point trialled the mapping program DroneDeploy, and understand the extra value it brings both to your drone and your business.

Starting March 12, DroneDeploy will no longer offer data processing or storage to free explorer customers and will be removing all historical maps after 90 days. Free/expired users will have a 90 day grace period to either upgrade to a paid plan to retain access to their data or to manually export all of their maps. After May 12, all data on these free plans will be permanently deleted and you will lose access to this data and the ability to export.

Who is affected by this change?

Legacy free customers

Those who have never paid for DroneDeploy, will lose the ability to upload and process new maps on March 12, 2019. They will retain access and generate basic exports on their maps, until the maps expire on May 12, 2019. They will see warnings in the upload page, and on the maps themselves, about the incoming expiry of services.

Previously paid customers - account expired

Customers who have paid for a DroneDeploy subscription in the past, and for who DroneDeploy have been storing maps for free, will be warned that they have 90-days to resubscribe, or their maps will be deleted. They will be able to continue to upload on the free plan until March 12, and run basic exports until May 12.

New Trials

Those who have recently signed up to DroneDeploy, or who will sign up for the first time from now on, will be asked to sign up as a paid customer, or contact their sales team to continue mapping. Some users will continue to have short term access to free mapping, in order for DroneDeploy to test the effects of this decision on trial conversion.

Don't want to lose your data?

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