Fly the Farm Mini Tutorials - DroneDeploy Stand Assessments

Posted by Meg Kummerow on

Welcome to the first instalment of our new Mini Tutorials! In these videos we will share with you quick introductions to various products and services that we recommend. First up, Stand Assessment by DroneDeploy.

While we may be in the midst of winter, farmers are always looking ahead to their next crop to ensure they are prepared. Of course, the biggest step with the planting of any crop is getting a good establishment. This summer, Australian corn and soybean growers and agronomists will have access to DroneDeploy’s new Stand Assessment to support decision making around potential replant situations. 

Released earlier this year in time for the Northern Hemisphere summer crop, DroneDeploy’s Stand Assessment allows users to quickly assess whether or not a replant is necessary, much faster than a manual stand count.

We’ve created a short mini tutorial to show you how quickly a flight can be set up and flown by using an irrigated corn field on the Darling Downs as an example. We’ll revisit this once the crop is planted later in the year. 

You can learn more about DroneDeploy's Precision Agriculture Package here.

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