SlantRange 3PX

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The 3PX merges SLANTRANGE’s patented multispectral imaging, agricultural analytics, and data accuracy expertise with DJI’s Matrice 200 Series drone platform.

Powered by DJI SKYPORT, this integrated solution delivers precise and immediate crop insights for agriculture applications. SKYPORT is included with all DJI Matrice 200 Series drones and lets you fully control your 3PX from DroneDeploy or Flight Plan for DJI.

  • Mounts directly to the DJI gimbal mount - Skyport integration.
  • Power and communication supplied directly from the drone
  • Automatic detection and configuration of the 3PX
  • Real-time information from the 3PX displayed on the flight controller
  • Quick and easy payload changes

Product Features

  • Valuable new crop insights only possible with low-altitude, high-resolution imagery
  • Immediate on-site results – no need for network connectivity
  • Accurate and repeatable measurements in changing sunlight conditions with patented on-board calibration
  • Efficient collection and processing workflows for lower operational costs -- fly with only 20% overlap
  • Exportable data available wherever, whenever, and however you’d like.


Purpose-Built Applications

 Choose from two flight control apps built for the 3PX

  • DroneDeploy
  • Flight Plan for DJI

DroneDeploy is the leading cloud-based drone software platform worldwide for aerial data, drone mapping, and 3D modeling. The free DroneDeploy app provides easy automated flight and data capture, and enables you to explore and share high-quality interactive maps in the field directly from your mobile device.

Install the SLANTRANGE app in the DroneDeploy App Market to enable:

  • Direct communication between the 3PX and the flight controller
  • Automatic configuration of the flight planner
  • Detailed 3PX status; prevents conducting flights when the 3PX is not ready or configured incorrectly
  • 3PX initialization integrated into pre-flight checks
  • Start and stop image capture
  • Image counter
  • Real-time sunlight measurements to optimize data collections
  • Display SD card usage
  • Format SD card
  • Generate 3PX log files
  • Calibrate 3PX gyros and accelerometers
Powerful New Information for Agriculture

Valuable new information.
Delivered in minutes, no network required.

SlantView™ is the high-resolution aerial imaging and analytics platform from SLANTRANGE that provides valuable agronomic insights that you can’t get from manned aircraft or satellites.

  • Stand Counts
  • Plant Size Distribution
  • Plant Stress
  • Vegetation Fraction
  • NDVI (Green-NDVI, Red-NDVI, RedEdge-NDVI)
  • Emergence Fraction
  • Weed Density
  • Chlorophyll Index
  • Yield Potential
  • User-Defined Smart Detection™