Manfrotto Backpack Sling 3in1

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The Manfrotto 3N1-36 PL Sling Backpack for Cameras/Drones is a multi-purpose professional camera backpack that allows 3 ways to wear and carry 3 different type of gear.

The Manfrotto 3N1-36 backpack is a versatile pack that designed to hold a load of professional photo, video camera gear along with a drone. The backpack can be dedicated 100% to camera gear or reserve the top compartment for personal belongings. By smartly rearranging the dividers inside, you can choose to store photo gear, video gear or even a drone in it:

  • Photo mode: hold maximum 3 bodies plus 5 lenses.
  • Video mode: hold a Canon C100 with handles and lens attached, microphone, 3 additional lenses and a backup body.
  • Drone mode: hold a DJI Phantom 4 drone with transmitter and a DSLR camera with 3 lenses.

There is a pocket for a 15" laptop. The front panel has a tuck away secure strap to hold your tripod firmly on the bag. The punch through design will allow a long tripod to sit on it firmly. Monopod or selfie pole can be attached to the side by the bungee cord.

The specially designed harness system comes with side release buckles for swapping the positions. It can be configured into 3 different modes: a backpack, a sling or a cross backpack.

  • Backpack mode: maximum comfort by distributing the load to both shoulders.
  • Sling mode: quickest access to camera and lenses by swinging the pack to your front and pull open the side flap. Works well on both shoulders.
  • Cross backpack: combine the benefits of the above. Carry the pack on both shoulders while walking, release 1 of the shoulder straps and swing the pack to your front for fast access.

Waist belt keeps the pack close to your body and shares some load as well. The bag comes with a multi-purpose rain protector. Fold out the silver side to shield the pack from direct sunlight.